At Existential-Humanistic NorthWest we greatly value learning about ways to be more effective in our work as therapists. We  know that you do too, so we're delighted to present:

Singin' the Blues:

New Ways Toward Engaging Psychological Depression

Presented by: Will Stillwell, Ph.D. 

Friday, October 6, 2017
9:00am to 4:30pm

Join Will Stillwell, Ph.D., director of The Center for Studies of the Person in La Jolla, California for a day of lecture, discussion and small group process in treating depression.

Singin' the Blues

This workshop aims to increase our emotional and cognitive depth in our encounters with clients suffering with depression.

The longstanding musical genre ‘Blues’ has a lot in common with the psychological genre we call depression.  What we learn from a deeper listening to the Blues can help us work with depression – a way of being that is reported to affect 15 million Americans each year and painfully being lived now by 1/5 of our youth under eighteen.  Some public health and social scientists call this an epidemic.  

Depression in its physical, social and personal manifestations is a significant cause of suffering in our world.  Reducing this suffering would help toward shaping our society as communities of flourishing individuality.

This workshop will utilize lecture, discussion, dialogue, and small group process to facilitate our creative and imaginative engagement toward more effective ways of encountering depressed clients.  Probably each of us has known and attempted to assist individuals in the thick of his or her depressed predicament.  During this workshop, you are invited to engage, participate and contribute as we examine  and share our approaches to further understand and work with this most serious topic. 

Workshop participants will be able to:

  • Deepen empathy and increase the subtlety of encounters with clients in depressive episodes.
  • Make better use of creativity and gain expertise as therapists in working with depression.
  • Increase and enhance therapeutic abilities and effectiveness in working with clients who struggle with depression.
  • Creatively work with their client’s depression by exploring such music genres as the Blues.
  • Learn how to create a person-centered learning community which supports professional development.

Workshop Fees:
Early Registration until September 8 - $140
Professional Registration - $170
Students - $80

Includes creature comforts: healthy-start breakfast, beverages and lunch: taco/burrito bar with vegetarian and gluten-free options. 

6 CEs approved through NASW

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About Will Stillwell Ph.D.

Will Stillwell, Ph.D, educated as an anthropologist and psychologist, has associated himself with humanistic psychology for nearly fifty years at The Center for Studies of the Person in La Jolla, California. With the Center as his base, over this period he collaborated as organizer, coach to individuals, facilitator to groups, and mediator in conflict situations in numerous projects and enterprises.  These include: Urban Diversity, Camelot Consulting, Participation INC, Conflict Transformations, Living Now, Taking Care of Business, Cortez Hill Academy, International Professional School of Bodywork, and The Carl Rogers Annual Conference.

“I aim to liberate creative excellence.  I apply my skills and heart with individuals and small groups.  My focus is on the relationships between people trying to work together, and our finding individuals’ clarity on what they want and how to achieve it.  Together we find new ways for us to deal with conflict, morale, leadership, quality of effort and accountability.”

For thirty years Will has been staff member of The Center’s The La Jolla Program.  In this capacity he facilitates encounter groups of few and many members in the format originally pioneered by Carl Rogers.  Presently co-director, he has taken this work to a number of foreign lands.  This year the eight-day residential encounter is in Oregon in August. See

After a career as an experiential education faculty member in Behavior Sciences at several universities, Will now writes, teaches psychotherapy skills, and serves doctoral candidates as a core adjunct faculty member at San Diego University for Integrative Studies. A number of his recent writings are available: